about NeedlePop Crafts

Don't have enough wall space to hang all your favorite movie posters? Think you've got the patience to stab something 10,000 times?

NeedlePop cross-stitch charts are inspired by famous examples of pop iconography, including theatrical one-sheets, playbill covers, modern art prints and other cultural ephemera — all miniaturized to roughly 1:16 scale.

Our downloadable patterns are quick, simple and fun to stitch, leaving you with unique completed pieces that make for incredible gifts. Just don't sue us if your eyeglass prescription needs an adjustment when you're done.

about the creator

Victoria spent her childhood ripping 32-bit video game sprites from Super Nintendo ROMs and then messing around with them for hours in Microsoft Paint, which turns out isn't a waste of time if you can then use leverage those skills into a semi-successful small business a few decades later.

Despite this, she is actually just O.K. at cross-stitching.